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the world is made of pipedreams and paracosms

and so she dreamed

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Birthdate:Apr 26
Location:Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Varsha Dinesh is a girl with way too many hobbies for one person to have. She's 20, loves reading books, writing books and occassionally listening to books while walking around on a random collision course.The one place she wants to go to the most is Istanbul (there is no reason for this) and the one thing she wants to see the most is the Grand Canyon (or maybe Macchu Picchu, or the Amazon, it changes a lot)

At any point in time she will have ONE OBSESSION that drives her crazy: if it's not Harry Potter, it's Tsubasa Chronicles, if not that then it's The Hunger Games, if not that then Lisbeth Salander. She obsesses.


Sometimes she uses words like "chronic" and "immaculate" in casual speak and is embarrassed when people give her the "oh, you're such a dictionary" look.

She is easy to embarrass, but it's difficult to get her to admit it.

She wishes more people she actually knew would read her blog.

She read Stephen King at a very impressionable age and that has steered her writing into a darker side of fantasy. She continues to love Stephen King.

Her greatest ambition is to write a book that she herself will love forever.

Unlike most people, she likes short stories more than novels. Vignettes more than short stories. Photographs most of all.

She is a horrendous artist but loves art.

If she could have one wish, she'd wish for just a tiny peek into her future. Just a tiny, eensy-weensy peek.

Her favorite word in the English language is "ineffable."

Her favorite color is blue.

Yes, she talks about herself in third person.
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